Monday, September 23, 2019


Moon Tiger Movie, my new four-part feature, continues to make its way into the world...

Parts 1 & 2 are now available on VOD courtesy of Experimental Film Society:

Part 3 to is available to stream for FREE for the next week before joining its predecessors on VOD.

Part 4 will be released on September 30th.

The wonderful Nikola Gocić has been posting insightful reviews of each episode as it emerges:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Filmjam, a six-week course in artists and experimental filmmaking taught by Maximilian Le Cain and Aoife Desmond, is returning this Autumn for a second session.

The Guesthouse Project Space, 10 Chapel Lane, Shandon, Cork. Thursdays 7pm - 9pm, Nov 7th - Dec 12th

Materialist Film / Fictional Documentary / Performance / Expanded Cinema

Price €180 (early bird €160 before October 15th). Booking is essential as places are limited. Contact to book.

These six sessions exploring artists and experimental filmmaking are designed to immerse and inspire both experienced artists/filmmakers and beginners alike. Established practitioners Le Cain and Desmond will present contrasting perspectives and insights on each theme to stimulate a discursive mood of creative investigation. Students/peers/participants are expected to be actively engaged through sharing examples of their own work and research. This sharing will build towards the final two sessions where everyone participates in a kaleidoscopic improvised expanded cinema style 'Filmjam'. This short and intense course is designed to both challenge and excite with a combination of critical investigation and playfulness.

The topics looked at are:

MATERIALIST FILM: What is film without subject, without image? How does the structure of a film become the content? How is meaning constructed without narrative? These are some of the questions explored in this introductory session.

FICTIONAL DOCUMENTARY: Crossovers between the real and unreal, the fictional and documentary - in these in-between spaces, facts, truth and the imaginary blur and collide to create new meanings and insights.

PERFORMANCE AND FILM CROSSOVERS: An exploration of body and performance in film between live art, dance, theatre, ritual and cinema. The filmmaker as performer and/or as director. The film acting as documentation and/or as construct.

EXPANDED CINEMA:  Works that push the conventional physical boundaries of cinema and reject the traditional one-way relationship between the audience and the screen.

FILMJAM: The group will create a live experience of film, sound and performance using found and fabricated material. Ideas and examples from expanded cinema will be introduced as precedent and provocation.

Maximilian Le Cain is a Cork-based experimental filmmaker and writer. He often makes films with Vicky Langan and is affiliated with Experimental Film Society.

Aoife Desmond is an interdisciplinary artist who works with film, performance and other media. She also writes, lectures, curates and works collaboratively.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Nikola Gocić on MOON TIGER MOVIE

According to Nikola Gocić's terrific review the first part of of MOON TIGER MOVIE, it "escapes both the genre and narrative conventions in its exploratory fervor or rather delirium, posing as the essence of a hypnagogic hallucination."

Read more:

Friday, September 13, 2019

Alan Lambert's OUROBOROS @ Phantoscope

I'm delighted to announce that the next Phantoscope screening at Cork's Triskel Christchurch Cinema is Alan Lambert's haunting and unique Ouroboros: Ocean Dreams (2009). Phantoscope is Triskel's quarterly experimental film event which I programme in collaboration with Triskel's head of cinema, Chris O'Neill.

Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork - Thursday 19 Sep, 7pm
100 mins – Ireland 2009 – Dir: Alan Lambert
Starring David Stalling, Frank Doyle, Jay Roche and Mohamed Ghazala
Tickets are now available.

This newly remastered version of the haunting first feature by visionary director Alan Lambert interweaves short ghost stories shot with a variety of artists at locations around the world from Bermuda to Yokohama to Trinidad and New York. While its mysterious layering of different dimensions will strike a chord with David Lynch fans, its improvised style and unsettlingly lyrical tone is completely unique.

Alan Lambert will take part in a post-screening Q&A

Watching it leaves the impression that Lambert is a man who has travelled the world, shooting as he voyaged. On looking back over his footage, he discovers that it is not simply travel videos, but contains the mysterious imprint of a parallel reality… Ouroboros gives the impression of being a film made by ghosts, ghosts that have infiltrated and appropriated the ubiquity of moving image making in today’s world.” – Maximilian Le Cain, Experimental Conversations

Monday, September 09, 2019


The first part of my new four-part feature Moon Tiger Movie is now available to watch on the Experimental Film Society VOD page. It will be free to stream for the first week after which it will be available for €5.

Moon Tiger didn’t find much to do on the moon so he descended to earth. The first thing he discovered is that he had nothing in common with earth tigers so he decided to see what people were like. But he generally spent his time watching movies and going for long solitary walks. Words could never convey his impressions of being on earth so in 1997 he began trying to make movies. Now, 22 years later, he has assembled his movie fragments on four dirty VHS tapes in order to see what he has become…

Moon Tiger Movie is the culmination of my first two decades of filmmaking. It shapes the short film work I did in this time into a four-part feature. In accruing a wealth of films, sketches and experiments over the decades, I have been gradually working towards this major project in which they reveal themselves as parts of a richer whole. What emerges is the electronic smudge of an inner life, the nocturnal residue of an existence half-dreamed. Broken and unreconciled, Moon Tiger Movie is a testament to the compelling inconclusiveness of life and the fragility of images.