Monday, July 30, 2018


Good news from The Underground Film Studio:

FILM PANIC Magazine issue 6 is now available to order HERE.

The latest edition of FILM PANIC Magazine focuses its attention on the making of Rouzbeh Rashidi's latest feature film PHANTOM ISLANDS.

In this issue you will find the production diaries of FILM PANIC's Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, who played the lead roles in the film, in which they document the day to day activities of the shoot while reflecting upon performing in the film and sharing their personal observations of Rouzbeh Rashidi's work as a director. Also included is a brand new in-depth interview with the director, conducted by his long time collaborator Maximilian Le Cain, delving into the themes and processes of the production. Plus insightful reflections on the film by Adrian Martin, Fergus Daly, Alice Butler and Daniel Fitzpatrick.

FILM PANIC Magazine is produced and published by The Underground Film Studio.

This issue has been made possible with the kind support of Experimental Film Society and The Arts Council Of Ireland.

Info about Phantom Islands HERE

Sunday, July 22, 2018

EFS @ Suspaustas laikas

Two Experimental Film Society programmes are screening at 'Compact time', The Cinematography & Alternative Art Festival, 26th-29th July 2018, Nida, Lithuania.

Phantom Islands, Rouzbeh Rashidi (2018, 86mins)

EFS founder and director Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Phantom Islands exists at the boundary of documentary and fiction. Directed with Rashidi’s trademark visual intensity, it follows a couple adrift and disoriented in the stunning landscape of Ireland’s islands. Yet this deliberately melodramatic romance is constantly questioned by a provocative cinematic approach that results in a hypnotic and visceral inquiry into the very possibility of documentary objectivity.

EFS Short Films (58mins):

1_Universal Film (2018), Jann Clavadetscher, 4mins, Ireland
2_The Family Vault of James Hyland (2017), Michael Higgins, 14mins, Ireland
3_INT. LANDSCAPES (2018), Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, 8:35mins, Ireland/Portugal
4_Refining the Senses (2017), Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 12:35mins, Ireland/Switzerland
5_Brine Twice Daily (2015), Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain, 20mins, Ireland

Rouzbeh Rashidi will be in attendance to introduce all screenings. EFS is deeply grateful for the support of Arturas Liutostanskis and Suspaustas laikas.

More information here.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

PLAY GROUND @ Ecstatic Visions, Brighton

Play Ground will screen as one of five 'new visionary films' selected by the wonderful Underground Film Studio to screen at this event in Brighton, UK, next Tuesday July 24th. In their words:


Five New Visionary Films Selected by The Underground Film Studio

As a part of our year-long residency at Exploding Appendix, we have been invited to present a selection of short films at their weekly research group in Brighton. We’ll be screening films by Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, David Finkelstein, Gurcius Gewdner plus one of our own shorts. The screenings will be followed by a discussion led by Bradley Tuck.

More info about the films here:

Find out more about The New Visionary Cinema in the latest issue of Film Panic Magazine here:

Daniel & Clara

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


Ever since I began programming experimental film screenings in Cork 12 years ago, Pierre Clémenti's rare underground masterpiece In The Shadow Of The Blue Rascal has been the movie I've most wanted to show. It's finally happening Triskel Christchurch Cinema next week!

Pierre Clémenti’s reputation as an actor and icon of the rebellious creative spirit of late ‘60s France is legendary. The small but visionary series of experimental films that he directed deserve to be equally well known. Hallucinatory products of a drug drenched underground, these very personal works pulsate with a dark and heady lyricism that never fails to build to a remarkable pitch of intensity.

His feature In The Shadow Of The Blue Rascal is no exception. Made on a shoestring between 1978 and 1985, this nightmarish science fiction noir is strongly reminiscent of William Burroughs’ fiction. In an alternate version of the present, the authorities of Necrocity hand over police powers to a band of vile gangsters in order to repress a revolution. The story follows the ill-fated wanderings of a vicious killer until an unexpected shift in the narrative questions everything that has come before. Shot in distinctively garish colours, this trawl through the decadent psychic underbelly of a sick society is built on a spine of stark political anger.

Screening details: