Tuesday, November 06, 2018

SCORPION'S STONE Exhibition @ GOMA, Waterford

GOMA - Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford
Opening: 6.30 pm Friday November 16th
Exhibition: November 16th - December 8th

GOMA invites you to Scorpion's Stone by Maximillian Le Cain
In this multi-screen presentation of Maximilian Le Cain’s latest work, a mysterious underworld is evoked through the aura of obscure abandoned tapes and fictionalized video diaries to reveal the traces of a full-blown B-movie serial. Sounds and images that might mean everything or nothing hover between life and death, as do the characters that drift through them. Scorpion’s Stone makes use of multiple rhythms and visual textures to repeatedly evoke and dissolve narrative traces. The result is a unique meditation on the haunting malleability of forgotten sounds and images. This Experimental Film Society production’s cast is headed by John McCarthy, Rouzbeh Rashidi and Vicky Langan, and reads like a who’s who of a particular Irish underground film scene.