Thursday, April 23, 2009

EVERYWHERE (and generally all over the place)

Sometimes things move fast...

With the rapidly conceived and still brand-new Closing and Everywhere currently playing around Cork in the V For Video exhibition, it has become apparent that the latter video is not sufficient unto itself. It will be- and almost already is- the first in a three-part work. Everywhere 2 is already complete and the third installment is in progress.

After the arch, deliberately rather juvenile posturing of The Mongolian Barbecue and the somewhat studied, academic Letter From Echo, this new flurry of videos seems to be emerging from a very raw, visceral place. Representational imagery is under attack, with Closing a fall into darkness and Everywhere jittering in the heat of white-out. Yet these are not purely formal exercises; they seem to be doubting or even denying the very possibility of a shared reality. And they find this cause for panic.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pub Sprawl

I've created two new videos, each roughly three minutes in length, for a video-art-in-pubs exhibition at the end of next week.

Closing and Everywhere are composed of outtakes from Private Report, which I'm now in the process of editing.

For more information on this ArtTrail / Cork Film Centre exhibition, see: