Monday, December 09, 2019

A Response to Personal Growth by Sarah Hayden & Paul Hegarty

Personal Growth, the latest film by Langan/Le Cain, is currently on exhibition at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co.Cork until December 20th.

A treasured part of this exhibition is the superb text that Sarah Hayden and Paul Hegarty wrote in response to the film. Copies of this are available at Sirius or it can be read online at EFS Publications.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Light / Sound @ Triskel Christchurch Cinema

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Langan/Le Cain creative partnership, our very first film, Light/Sound (2010) will screen at Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork from December 15th-19th. And it won't be supporting just any film but Carol Reed's enduring masterpiece The Third Man (1949)! See the Triskel website for screening details.

Monday, November 11, 2019

EFS @ Sound Collector, Project Arts Centre

Langan/Le Cain's Play Ground (2017) is one of four Experimental Film Society films that will be screening as part of a Sound Collector programme at the Project Arts Centre on Saturday November 30th at 7:30 PM. Sound Collector is a series of events in Dublin which explore the spaces between music, installation, improvisation, sound, and noise. They aim to provide a platform for experimentation and exploration of multidisciplinary art practices in a performance environment. Works by UNDINE, SHANE LATIMER  &  FRANCIS MATTH, NATALIA BEYLIS and FORWIND.

Film programme:

Ghoul (2018) by Michael Higgins / 8mins / Ireland
Play Ground (2017) By Vicky Langan / Maximilian Le Cain / 17mins / Ireland
The Underworld (2019) By Jann Clavadetscher / 17mins / Ireland
Antler (2018) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / 15mins / Ireland

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival 2019

Details of the 2019 Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival are now online! This exciting programme of screenings and events is taking place in Cork City this year. It's an Experimental Film Society project under the artistic direction of Rouzbeh Rashidi and me. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

SELF DECAPITATION @ Festival de Diseño Audiovisual Experimental de Valdivia, Chile

Two Experimental Film Society feature films, Jann Clavadetscher’s Kino Hospital and Maximilian Le Cain / Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Self Decapitation will be screening at Festival de Diseño Audiovisual Experimental de Valdivia, Chile on 25th and 26th of October 2019.

More info HERE

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

BRINE TWICE DAILY @ mala voadora

Brine Twice Daily (2015) will screen as part of an Experimental Film Projection curated by Matias A. Donoso at mala voadora in cooperation with Hosek Contemporary on October 26th at 9pm. mala voadora is an art space in Porto.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Self Decapitation @ Experimental Film Guanajuato

The collaborative feature film Self Decapitation (2017) by Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi will be screening at Experimental Film Guanajuato in Guanajuato City, Mexico on Saturday, October 12 at 5:00 PM at Cine la Mina.