Saturday, July 21, 2018

PLAY GROUND @ Ecstatic Visions, Brighton

Play Ground will screen as one of five 'new visionary films' selected by the wonderful Underground Film Studio to screen at this event in Brighton, UK, next Tuesday March 24th. In their words:


Five New Visionary Films Selected by The Underground Film Studio

As a part of our year-long residency at Exploding Appendix, we have been invited to present a selection of short films at their weekly research group in Brighton. We’ll be screening films by Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, David Finkelstein, Gurcius Gewdner plus one of our own shorts. The screenings will be followed by a discussion led by Bradley Tuck.

More info about the films here:

Find out more about The New Visionary Cinema in the latest issue of Film Panic Magazine here:

Daniel & Clara

Wednesday, July 04, 2018


Ever since I began programming experimental film screenings in Cork 12 years ago, Pierre Clémenti's rare underground masterpiece In The Shadow Of The Blue Rascal has been the movie I've most wanted to show. It's finally happening Triskel Christchurch Cinema next week!

Pierre Clémenti’s reputation as an actor and icon of the rebellious creative spirit of late ‘60s France is legendary. The small but visionary series of experimental films that he directed deserve to be equally well known. Hallucinatory products of a drug drenched underground, these very personal works pulsate with a dark and heady lyricism that never fails to build to a remarkable pitch of intensity.

His feature In The Shadow Of The Blue Rascal is no exception. Made on a shoestring between 1978 and 1985, this nightmarish science fiction noir is strongly reminiscent of William Burroughs’ fiction. In an alternate version of the present, the authorities of Necrocity hand over police powers to a band of vile gangsters in order to repress a revolution. The story follows the ill-fated wanderings of a vicious killer until an unexpected shift in the narrative questions everything that has come before. Shot in distinctively garish colours, this trawl through the decadent psychic underbelly of a sick society is built on a spine of stark political anger.

Screening details:

Saturday, June 30, 2018


I'm pleased to announce the completion of Scorpion’s Stone - a film that was never there...

Four years in the making, this is my most ambitious and challenging work to date. A mysterious underworld is evoked through the aura of obscure abandoned tapes and fictionalized video diaries to reveal the traces of a full-blown B-movie serial. Sounds and images that might mean everything or nothing hover between life and death, as do the characters that drift through them: a ghost hunter pursuing the phantom of an obscure criminal named ‘Maurice’; murdered gangster Dutch Schultz, sometimes accompanied by his wife, and tempted by a snake-spirited demon; an anguished explorer trying to help his entranced companion who is possessed by the spirit of a child kidnapped in a fake jungle many years ago; an intrepid little explorer seeking an animal familiar; and the exiled princess of the underworld herself.

Over its six-hour running time, Scorpion’s Stone makes use of multiple rhythms and visual textures to repeatedly evoke and dissolve narrative traces. The result is a unique meditation on the haunting malleability of forgotten sounds and images.

Screenings will be announced this autumn.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Thrilled to announce that I'll be hosting the Q&A with the great Andrew Kötting at Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork after the screening of his fascinating new film Lek and the Dogs this Wednesday June 27th. Screening details here.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Thanks to all who attended our Langan/Le Cain film-performance Double-Blind at Cork Midsummer Festival last Monday. The work was made possible through the assistance of Cork Film Centre and Experimental Film Society, and was developed with the support of a Cork City Council Individual Artist Bursary. Here are some photos taken on the night by Jed Niezgoda of Vicky and I in costume and with the ever-supportive Rouzbeh Rashidi and Jann Clavadetscher who were so helpful on the night.

Friday, June 22, 2018

INSIDE Review in The Irish Times

As part of his Irish Times review of the exhibition Encountering the Land: Artworks 2018, presented by Carlow Arts Festival and VISUAL Carlow, Aidan Dunne devoted an exceptionally thoughtful and perceptive couple of paragraphs to Inside:

"Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain’s experimental 70-minute film Inside eludes categorisation. It occupies an indeterminate space that includes aspects of film, from fiction to essay film, and performance art. Focusing with unwavering and unnerving intensity on Langan as the main protagonist, it is largely static but hypnotically watchable."

"The setting is an isolated rural dwelling and one commentator suggested that we are watching a woman in the process of “psychic breakdown”. Certainly, we are led to feel a claustrophobic closeness to Langan’s physical being and to her inner life – the long final take is particularly remarkable – but there may be no breakdown, just being. In her meditative, melancholy stillness Langan is both contained by and incredibly open to her surroundings."

The exhibition runs until September 2nd. Full details here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Inside is screening at VISUAL, Carlow between June 6th and September 2 as part of the exhibition Encountering the Land, presented by Carlow Arts Festival and VISUAL Carlow at ARTWORKS, and sponsored by Hotron.

The theme of the show is rural life. In an exhibition that includes photography, painting, film and performance, the romance and the rough of rural life are considered. Ideas relating to our agrarian history, the rural as a sanctuary and the land as provider, are presented.

This years selectors are artist and farmer Orla Barry, Sean Kissane, Curator, Irish Museum of Modern Art and Emma Lucy O’Brien, Curator VISUAL, Carlow.