Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Close Watch Scrapbook

Going through the photos, old and new...

Here's me at the 2009 Thessaloniki Film Festival talking about Carmelo Bene (Photo by Bill Mousoulis)

Here's me under some production drawings for a Visconti directed opera

Here's me on the set of Valley of the Kings

Ten Pieces of Video for Internet (2009)

The Soldeck Cycle (2010)

Light / Sound (with Vicky Langan, 2010)

Available Light (2008)

The Mongolian Barbecue (2009)

This Video is Still Here (2009)

Valley of the Kings (2008)

Rendezvous (2006)

Point of Departure (with Anna Manahan, 2008)

Making a Home (2007)

Afternoons With Johnny (with John Wallace, 2008)

(...from a dying hotel) (2006)

Game of Truth (2006)


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