Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Unofficial Version

The official version is...

Max is behaving.

He is saving up all his energy and creative resources for a Big Project to be shot later in the year, presumably a feature. It will be the nearest thing to a traditionally scripted feature that he has attempted since he was too young and stupid to know better.

(Now he's simply too old and stupid to care- and that's the official version!)

John McCarthy, who really should know better, is again starring. At least his presence guarantees that there'll be something worth watching in it. And Ciara Hyland, who will undoubtedly come to know better, has undertaken to produce it. A salute to them both.

The title: Still Days.

And now, that being settled, to the unofficial version:

On the quiet, I've completed two more little videos. But they're really tiny ones... Less than a minute in length, both of them. Just minor misdemeanours.

Smudge starts out looking for a film, but finds none within it and, in consequence, heads West. An ambiguous ritual. Bouquet coughs up film and video before leaving a personal, handwritten message for the spectator at its conclusion.

Now I'd better get back to writing the Still Days script.

By the way, has anyone seen that sly bugger Soltan Karl? Anyone know what he's up to these days?


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