Monday, March 08, 2010

The Sky is Blue, the Sun Exists, and the Ceiling is Beige...

And hopefully the revelations will continue to accrue now that the burst of creativity that gripped me and Soltan in the first two months of this year is spent and I'm not up editing all night, every night. Not sure what Soltan's up to these days. Cagey chap at the best of times.

Just to bring things up to date since the last entry... February saw the completion of five further videos.

Light / Sound was made with the amazing Vicky Langan. It chronicles a sonic encounter between Vicky, out hunting for sound with her recording apparatus, and a noble and ancient 35mm projector.

The other videos are shorter, more sketch-like pieces:

Monologue shatters an actress' performance into stuttering fragments, calling on the audience's collective familiarity with cinematic conventions to propose content.

The rather madcap Home Movie harnesses the energy of an early 30s B Western to blast home video footage apart.

And Surface and Sentiment delve a little too deeply into the night for me to write about comfortably.


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