Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Werner Schroeter 1945 - 2010

No more Schroeter. No more Schroeter films.

The issue is not whether the world can survive without any more works like Deux, the most underrated, genuinely, deeply, painfully life-affirming film of the past decade- in fact, the most hard-earned sense of joyfulness in film history.

The issue is whether it's even worth trying.

This is not a loss that the world can afford. An appalling heamorrhage of beauty and sensibility of a type that is not being renewed. But, then again, given the scoffing, patronising incomprehension that characterised almost every review of his last film that I read, why the fuck should it?


Blogger Michelle said...

I share your sentiments. Have you read Rosa von Praunheim's obituary?

3:27 pm  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Yes, I read that obituary- with the help of one of those free online automatic translation sites! Nevertheless, the sense of it still came through...

12:34 am  

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