Sunday, April 18, 2010


Cinema... Corpus vs Cerebrum
A Light / Sound Event for Five Film Projectors

8 pm, April 30th @ Filmbase (Curved St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2)

“Cinema... Corpus vs Cerebrum” is an artistic project conceived as a live event that involves the manipulation of a series of 16mm film projectors. Cinema has been reduced to its essential properties and materials, being the conical flux of light, luminous vibration and the sound generated by the projectors themselves the only elements left for exploration. By means of a materialist treatment of the medium’s specificity, cinema’s illusionist values are dismantled, while we can witness the destruction of those technical aspects of cinema that make possible a “suspension of disbelief” during the act of perception, or the willingness of a person to accept as true the representative and illusionary premises of the moving-image. Returning cinema’s gaze to the machine, we approach the existing divergences between perceived reality and the reality of the medium. (Esperanza Collado)

Participant artists:

Esperanza Collado (concept and direction)
Victor Esther G. (light, colour filters, projectors and design)
Rafael Martinez del Pozo (sound art, piezos, soldering iron and screwdrivers)
Maximilian Le Cain (adviser, structures, cinematographer)


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