Thursday, May 17, 2012

Advance Word on 'Judas Steer'

Earlier this week, in the run up to Vicky Langan's 'Judas Steer' event this Saturday, Bernard Clarke (presenter of RTÉ's Nova music programme) issued this magnificent statement:

"There are some musicians who entertain us, fine; some who stimulate us, better; and then some who immerse us in something so powerful that, almost, primal emotions surface instantly; making us
ultra-defensive, or, finally open to illumination. One of the latter is Vicky Langan. So if you're in the West this coming Saturday evening and you feel like really stirring up a storm in yourself, check her
out at the Galway Arts Centre at 8pm. You may love her, hate her, be astonished, be repelled-but you will not be unmoved. Promise. In a world of bland s**te we need to treasure artists like this -even if
they burn... "

And the following interview with Vicky, in which she discusses our films, is by Charlie Mcbride in 'The Galway Advertiser':


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