Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Saidin Salkic Films @ The Guesthouse, Tuesday 8th

 I'll be programming and presenting the two remarkable films by Saidin Salkic next Tuesday at The Guesthouse, Cork:

The Irish premiere of the two films by Australia-based Bosnian film-poet and musician Saidin Salkic will take place at The Guesthouse on May 8th. His work is extremely personal and deeply marked by the genocide he experienced as a child in the former Yugoslavia. His patient, quietly overwhelming cinematic style marks him as a unique and uncompromising talent.

The documentary Karasevdah: Srebrenica Blues has been described as ‘an artistic and emotional journey of one man who experienced the horror, tragedy and survival of the Srebinca massacre.’ A brooding meditation on loss and beauty, Karasevdah makes poetic use of landscape and voiceover to grapple with the unspeakable.

Of Salkic’s second film, Konvent, filmmaker and critic Bill Mousoulis has written: What a strange film. We see a young European man, it's the filmmaker. We see no one else. An alien in an alien land. Praying in the convent. Ready, willing, looking at the light, shaving in the mirror, gazing at the camera. It's an existential film, an experimental film. A film of reflection, of yearning. The colours are strange. The music is strange. And yet everything is beautiful. But you have to listen, you have to feel it. Look into the man's eyes, and don't be afraid if he looks straight at you. He is not afraid, to give his soul to you. And you too must give, must give a little of your heart to this strange, beautiful yearning that you see. This is cinema, in a few easy steps.  

May 8th, 7pm, The Guesthouse, Shandon, Cork


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