Friday, April 20, 2012

Dean Kavanagh @ Black Sun, Tuesday 24th

Dean Kavanagh is the featured filmmaker in next week's intimate Black Sun event. The live acts, curated as always by Vicky Langan, are cellist Okkyung Lee and the duo of Mick O'Shea and Emil Nerstrand. It's all happening at The Guesthouse, Shandon. Due to limited space, please rsvp if you're interested in coming along. Details on how to do so can be found at:

And here are the notes about Dean Kavangh, who will be there to present his films:

 Black Sun is proud to present four films by one of Ireland’s most gifted, distinctive and experimental young filmmakers, Wicklow-based Dean Kavangh. His moody, heavily atmopsheric and hauntingly mysterious works favour quiet but piercingly intense moments of solitary emotion and contemplation over plot. Distinguished by an exceptionally poetic visual style, Kavanagh’s films obliquely engage with home, memory, mysterious journeys and moments of rupture. Since he beagn making films in 2006, he has completed over 26 shorts and is now working on his first feature. Black Sun will be screening two brief, highly formalistic early works, The Girl With The Straw Hat and On Foot (both 2008), along with two of his longer and most accomplished films, Poor Edward (2009) and The Distance (2010).


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