Monday, October 09, 2017

Alan Lambert's CIRCLES OF THE SUN @ IndieCork

The great Alan Lambert's new feature Circles of the Sun, in which I play a small role, will premiere this Saturday 14th at IndieCork Festival:

The year is 2035. Europe has collapsed and the economic centre of the western world has shifted to the Baltic regions, which are in ongoing conflict with Russia. The security breeches that led to this warring state have caused the internet to be dismantled. Digital technology is now reserved for military and police operations. Civilian operations are served by analogue technology. Against this backdrop, Irish forensic artist Marcel Marcel arrives in a small town to be apprenticed to David, a holographic photographer who documents crime scenes. He is accompanied by his wife, writer and criminologist Julia Marcel. Marcel and David, with the aid of high speed holographic ‘Femto’ cameras, begin to unearth a mysterious world of invisible criminals.


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