Sunday, September 10, 2017

Arkady Feed @ MExIndex

Arkady Feed, my 2013 collaboration with Paul Hegarty, will screen this Wednesday September 13th at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, as part of this event:

Cityscapes: The ruins of the present
Studio 6 TBSG 6.30 pm, 13 September 2017.

A screening of Irish and Turkish works, followed by an informal discussion and reception at Studio next Wednesday 13 September at 6.30 pm, in Studio 6 Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5-9 Temple Bar, Dublin. MExIndex curator-in-resident Rana Öztürk will present a selection of Irish and Turkish films with her unique knowledge and experience of contemporary art and urban contexts in Dublin and Istanbul, having lived in both cities. The selection will explore the change and flux of cities as a result of their constant destruction and reconstruction due to changing infrastructural requirements, commercial imperatives and government policies.

It aims to highlight the resulting challenges and possible gains to urban environment and how that affects inhabitants and their surroundings as well as the individual and the collective memory of urban landscapes.

This is a selection of films that look at urban landscapes as sites of constant transformation, shifting grounds of contemporary life that is increasingly concentrated in cities across the globe.


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