Friday, October 18, 2013

New Work This Sunday

Arkady Feed, a new video exploring the forlorn yet strangely resilient and always evocative post-industrial terrain of Cork's docklands, will prmiere this Sunday as part of Sessound 2013. This is a collaboration betwen my images and Paul Hegarty's vivid sounds, the fruit of our wanderings in that part of town.

Seesound 2013 will also feature Nothing Jumps Out At Me, an immersive flickering installation by John Godfrey and me that expands on (and, simply, expands) our single-channel work of the same title that screened at last year's Seesound. It's not just because visitors are requested to wear blindfolds that it could be described as a 'trip' hazard!

For full details of Sessound 2013, please click here.


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