Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Terrors of The Mind at Black Sun Cinema

Black Sun Cinema presents

Rouzbeh Rashidi’s

Triskel Christchurch Cinema
Wednesday 9 October, 6.30 pm

 There is no escape… From one side of the globe to the other, there is no escaping the faces, the visions, the ever-watchful camera. There is no escaping the mask, there is no escaping the resonating echoes of images and sounds that cross each other over time. There is no escaping the cinema. There is no escaping the terrors of the mind…

Black Sun Cinema, in partnership with Triskel Christchurch Cinema, is proud to present the Irish premiere of HSP: There Is No Escape From The Terrors Of The Mind, a new feature film by one of Ireland’s most radical and acclaimed experimental filmmakers, Rouzbeh Rashidi.

Taking its title from Edgar Allen Poe, Terrors follows the visions and travails of a tormented loner who appears hounded by a mysterious pursuer. Creating an intensely hypnotic audio-visual dream realm that is as uncannily beautiful as it is unsettling, Rashidi summons and sustains the atmosphere of dread of a horror film, but without the expected narrative trappings.

Rouzbeh Rashidi’s latest film […] is a stunning work of art and cinematography… This film truly invades your dreams and plays fruitfully with popular iconography, and is haunting and mindblowing in the truthful sense, and stretches the borders and limits of western and eastern imagery as well as those of cinema… Cinephiles’ hearts must melt now. To non film buffs and all the others I say watch this film wherever you can see it.”  (Mario Mentrup, Der Weisse Hei Ist Gut)

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Rouzbeh Rashidi is an Iranian independent filmmaker based in Dublin since 2004. He has been making films since 2000, working completely apart from any mainstream conceptions of filmmaking. He strives to escape the stereotypes of conventional storytelling and instead roots his cinematic style in a poetic interaction of image and sound. He generally eschews scriptwriting, seeing the process of making moving images as exploration rather than illustration. His work is also deeply engaged with film history. Having directed and produced forty short films, in 2008 he turned his focus to feature projects, making several full-length films. In August 2011 he initiated an ambitious, ongoing series of personal video works of varying lengths entitled Homo Sapiens Project. He has completed over 150 installments so far.


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