Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bill Mousoulis Films @ Black Sun

Mike Gangloff will be performing at this April's Black Sun on Wednesday, April 3rd at 8pm in Plugd Records, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.

There will also be a programme of of Super-8 films by Bill Mousoulis, a legend of the Melbourne independent film scene who has created over a hundred works since the early ‘80s. Filmmaker, critic, founder of the journal Senses of Cinema, and passionate advocate personal filmmaking, Mousoulis has been hailed by Australia’s preeminent film critic Adrian Martin in glowing terms:
Can there be any doubt that (for the Super-8 world, but more generally for Australian independent film-making) Bill Mousoulis is a visionary? Tireless worker for the small movie at large, and ceaseless creator of his own contribution to cinema, he has come into this world, I believe, to inspire us… A romantic, a mystic, an artist inspired by the muse, a free spirit …I happen to think that Bill’s work is simultaneously naive (in all the best senses) and extremely sophisticated. You surely don’t have to look twice to be convinced that he is, after all, the Bresson of Super-8 … Bill’s movies aim high, and they convince you of their right to aim that high…
Cork audiences will have the rare opportunity of seeing a selection of Mousulis’ short works from the ‘80s and ‘90s, films in which he conjures witty, poetic and often soulful cinematic gems from his immediate surroundings, often with the help of an inspired ear for popular music.

For more information on Bill Mousoulis, visit his website: http://innersense.com.au/
In A Lonely Place (4 mins, 1982)
The Green Door (5 mins, 1986)
Vale (3 mins, 1994)
How To Use Your Camera (7 mins, 1996)
Still (7 mins, 1986)
The Shadows (5 mins, 1996)


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