Friday, February 08, 2013


My recent video, Areas of Sympathy, is now available for viewing online:

Dean Kavangh commented on this work:

"One of my favourite films of yours... Such a lexicon of film history is present, the weaving of the different sampled scenes and sequences... There is a lot going on in this film; when I open one door nothing shuts behind me, and I particularly loved the science-fiction element, it very much added grandeur to such small items of life but at the same time reveals the presence of the universe in even the most daily of things... The B&W was also very beautiful, faded, murky and soft like a dream. The audio is something else entirely, almost sounds as if it has been overheard and 'chinese-whispered' back to editor... It was very unsettling and the strange highs and lows (occasionally interrupted and mixed through what sounds like crows screaming) were quite hypnotic and vengeful."


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