Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Experimental Filmmakers Invade Cork!

Who are these fellows? Why are their faces so set with grim determination?

It's all part of this ongoing spate of experimental film activity that's nibbling at the edges of our city this week...

Rouzbeh Rashidi (on the picture's left) had his film HE, starring his regular acting collaborator James Devereaux (on the right), screened at The Guesthouse last Sunday.

Then he shot the first scenes for a new experimental horror film called There Is No Escape From Terrors of The Mind in which James and I (second from right) enacted some tantalisingly mysterious scenes. But the nature of the whole film remains locked in Rouzbeh's mind and will only reveal itself as the film is shot in bits and pieces over the next year...

No less busy is Michael Higgins (second from left). Our allies at The Guesthouse also gave him a screening this evening. And passers-by, innocently out walking in the woods near the Ballincollig branch of Cork Film Centre, have been terrorised by the sight of Michael filming a young lady in a gas mask and evening dress with an ancient Russian 35mm movie camera that resembles a robot's head and, due to a broken crank, can only be operated with a hand drill.

The reason and madness behind this will be revealed on Thursday when his exhibition I'm Not a Doctor But I'll Take a Look opens at Cork Film Centre Gallery.

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