Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Upcoming Experimental Film Events in Cork

The next week sees three exciting experimental film events happening in Cork, all featuring members of Experimental Film Society:

Sunday November 4th, 3 pm:  Rouzbeh Rashidi will be presenting the Irish premiere of HE at The Guesthouse. This unsettling experimental feature was mainly shot during Rouzbeh's residency at The Guesthouse in February this year.

Tuesday November 6th, 7pm: Michael Higgins will be presenting his feature film Concrete Walls and two short works at The Guesthouse.

Thursday November 8th, 7pm: The opening of an exhibition of new, film-based work by Michael Higgins at Cork Film Centre Gallery, Ballincollig. The opening will feature a screening of Michael's recent feature Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep. This event, which I curated, is a fringe event of Corona Cork Film Festival.

About Michael Higgins:

Michael Higgins is an experimental filmmaker living and working in Dublin City, Ireland.

Inspired by cinema and visual narrative, Michael’s work involves a range of both digital and analogue technologies, and concerns people’s perception of time and reality. In creating content, Michael acts on a single idea, be it a piece of music, an image, a character or environment. In following this initial idea through, he makes a point of being open to changes and external forces that occur throughout the various stages of production, allowing the development of the work to be self-driven. He simply assists it in materialising.

When working with film, he utilises vintage camera equipment, expired film stocks and hand processing in order to bring out the unique characteristics of celluloid subject to destruction and decay. These processes achieve unpredictable results that resonate with ideas of time past or a ‘lost time’ and also a sense of decadence linked to an apparently dying format.


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