Monday, January 09, 2012


Our ever-dynamic chief Rouzbeh Rashidi has launched an exciting new Experimental Film Society project. It's a feature film called The Last of Deductive Frames, to be made up, exquisite coprse style, of ten-minute segments each made by one of the members of the group. This is the official description:

The Last of Deductive Frames is a collaborative omnibus feature film being made gradually over time by the members of Experimental Film Society. It is a film that starts but never finishes. Each filmmaker will contribute a ten minute section to it. These sections will be assembled in the order in which they are completed. This constantly growing work will initially be for the internet, but will eventually be presented on the big screen. The only strict rule at the outset is that each segment must last exactly ten minutes, although further rules might be added as the film develops. The Last of Deductive Frames is a living cinematic organism designed to forget its creators as it evolves.

The first installment can be seen here.


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