Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JR @ Mubi Garage

JR: Dream This In Remembrance Of Me has been re-posted at The Experimental Film Society's MUBI Garage page. It's well worth browsing through many of the interesting films presented there...


Blogger Kieran O'Leary said...

Mubi is a fine site, i've been subscribing to it for a while now. Really glitchy but amazing resource. Also, PLEASE GET ON TWITTER. I always check this blog out too late.

ALSO - The Buharov brothers (who are supposedly better than Bela Tarr), they have no online presence. Any chance of getting a DVD or something? I vaguely remember you saying you had some. I'd paypal you postage money, and if they are not copies, I'll send em right back. I'm very curious.

Cheers Max. Also, that JR DREAM film creped the hell out of me. Especially loved the rapid fire balcony/head raise cutting towards the end.

5:05 am  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Hi, Kieran-

The Buharovs, better not only than Tarr but most other filmmakers working today, have a generous selection of their short films on their Youtube page:

They also have a website:

Glad JR does it for you, just a small tribute to a filmmaker whose work haunts me deeply...

10:22 am  
Blogger Kieran O'Leary said...

Never heard of that Jean Rollin guy at all. Thanks for the Hungarian links, I couldn't find anything.

Cheers Max,


2:44 pm  

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