Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Buharov Brothers in Cork

Some amazing news: this year's Corona Cork Film Festival / Cork Film Centre guest filmmakers are The Buharov Brothers!

The partnership of Hungarian filmmakers Ivan & Igor Buharov (Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi) has produced some of the most unique and quirkily beautiful experimental cinema to have come out of Europe in the past decade. To watch a Buharov film has been described as “getting lost in someone else’s dream. The directors Igor and Ivan Buharov invite us to see the insides of their brains through various amusing and absurd story-lines.”(Off Screen Film Festival, Brussels) These darkly playful hallucinations come with the aura of having been discovered in someone’s attic, precisely revealing a world perhaps subconsciously suspected but hitherto un-describable.

They usually work without a script, or deviate from it, encouraging the actors to improvise and utilise found footage and free association while often composing and performing the film music themselves. The duo are also founders and members of the avant garde jazz band Pop Ivan and are founding members of a number of collectives including Labor 40 and the Kaos Camping Group.

I've programmed two Buharov screenings, which will both take place early next week. Tuesday's screening will include an audience q&a.


Mon 07 Nov | 4:00pm | Gate Multiplex


2010 | 30mins | Beta | Colour | Subtitled

Slow Mirror

2007 | 84mins | 35mm | Colour | Subtitled


Tue 08 Nov | 6:00pm | Tactic Gallery (as part of the Seeing the Light screening series)

Five short films, to be followed by a discussion with Ivan & Igor Buharov.

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