Monday, August 01, 2011

CONTACT @ W.U.D. Feast of Fools

Contact will be screened in Sligo this Friday as part of an eclectic film/music/performance event described as:

The third in a series of free monthly events. The First Friday Arts Club will host Galway based Live @ 8 who will present the work of both local and international visual artists and performers. Taking place in the Trades Club at Number 2 Castle Street on Friday August the 5th from 8 pm, the recently reopened cultural centre offers the space for developing local arts initiatives, music, events, training and socialising. Curated by Vivienne Dick, Aine Philips and Maeve Mulrennan.

The film programme also includes work by, amongst others, Abigail Child, Vivienne Dick, James Nares and Moira Tierney.

Live @ 8 on Tour
5th August 2011, 8 pm, admission free
Tades Club, 2 Castle St. , Sligo


Blogger Wes M said...

A fellow Corkman writes...

Hey Max, I just found your blog while trying to track down a copy of Throbbing Gristle's 16mm short "After Cease To Exist". Somehow I landed on Ubuweb's Film page, got distracted by your excellent liner notes on the Kenneth Anger films, and ended up here. It's very exciting to discover a wellspring of Experimental Cinema and Art in Cork, I really had no idea such a scene existed. I have my own blog of film reviews - mostly offbeat stuff, Horror and exploitation. Anyway, I just wanted to Hi...

4:18 am  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Hi, Wes. Thanks for your comment and for getting in touch. Had a quick look at your blog, impressive and well written... Any luck with After Cease To Exist?

Cheers, Max

11:29 am  
Blogger Wes M said...

Many thanks for the kind word Max. No luck with the Throbbing Gristle film, I had hopes of it being included in the Throbbing Gristle Video Archive box set but it wasn't to be... In an age where almost everything can be located at the end of a search engine, this one is proving rather elusive...

5:17 am  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Almost reassuring that there's still something out there that can't be immediately tracked down, isn't it! :)

If you want to give me a shout at any point, I can be reached at


7:11 am  

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