Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Scottish critic Tony McKibbin is one of the most brilliant writers on film that I have read. He is the most regular contributor to my magazine, Experimental Conversations. Before that, in 2006, I adapted his short story Wounds for the screen as Game of Truth. And, even before that, he was what he remains: a close and valued friend.

In fact, I was a very young man when I first met Tony and our long conversations about cinema did much to educate me: it was enough to be in the presence of such a high standard of thinking about cinema (and Tony has a fluent capacity for thinking as he is talking, a skill that is actually extremely rare) to inspire ever deeper interrogations of my medium of choice that chose me. His influence was crucial on my then-forming mind...

More than a decade later, these conversations continue, also branching off into discussions of our personal lives. Even if we cheerfully acknowledge some differences in sensibility- a Rohmerian in dialogue with a Ruizian- Tony's conversation and writing remain a singularly cherished and important part of my life, as inspiring as ever to my now, no doubt, degenerating mind...

Therefore, the appearance of, a website of Tony's writings, is exciting news indeed... Strongly recommended!


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