Monday, September 28, 2009


Private Report is now complete. Or, rather, I'm doing no more work on it and putting it out to screen. That is: either it's finished or I am.

It's a noisy, stifling piece of work.

It's probably, in some combination:

>An anthropophagic homage to Joseph Lewis' criminally underrated The Invisible Ghost

>A bemused rumination on the male gaze

>An even more bemused rumination on the whole business of perceiving reality

>A skeptically nostalgic seance

>A Bela Lugosi vehicle

Also finished, some weeks ago, a 40-minute piece called This Video is Still Here, a visually intense loop that repeats with variations and plays to an extremely minimal soundtrack. Its source material is VHS footage I shot for a narrative in the late '90s. It expands upon ideas explored in the Everywhere Trilogy.

Anyone inclined to get a neat, one-stop overview of all this mania can now find an up-to-date videography here. Details of running times, formats and the like will be added shortly.


Blogger Claire Feeley said...

Hey Max,

Sorry again to miss the grand screening - and to add salt to the wound i didn't even get the job! The reason I write is I'm programming a theatre thing in Kinsale and am looking for a couple more performers to flesh out the day. I recall you speaking highly of Andrew with whom you performed on culture night. I was was wondering whether you, him, or both of you would be interested in doing something. My phone is on the blink at the moment but if you'd like a few more details you can reach me on


8:01 am  

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