Monday, November 11, 2019

EFS @ Sound Collector, Project Arts Centre

Langan/Le Cain's Play Ground (2017) is one of four Experimental Film Society films that will be screening as part of a Sound Collector programme at the Project Arts Centre on Saturday November 30th at 7:30 PM. Sound Collector is a series of events in Dublin which explore the spaces between music, installation, improvisation, sound, and noise. They aim to provide a platform for experimentation and exploration of multidisciplinary art practices in a performance environment. Works by UNDINE, SHANE LATIMER  &  FRANCIS MATTH, NATALIA BEYLIS and FORWIND.

Film programme:

Ghoul (2018) by Michael Higgins / 8mins / Ireland
Play Ground (2017) By Vicky Langan / Maximilian Le Cain / 17mins / Ireland
The Underworld (2019) By Jann Clavadetscher / 17mins / Ireland
Antler (2018) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / 15mins / Ireland


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