Friday, June 22, 2018

INSIDE Review in The Irish Times

As part of his Irish Times review of the exhibition Encountering the Land: Artworks 2018, presented by Carlow Arts Festival and VISUAL Carlow, Aidan Dunne devoted an exceptionally thoughtful and perceptive couple of paragraphs to Inside:

"Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain’s experimental 70-minute film Inside eludes categorisation. It occupies an indeterminate space that includes aspects of film, from fiction to essay film, and performance art. Focusing with unwavering and unnerving intensity on Langan as the main protagonist, it is largely static but hypnotically watchable."

"The setting is an isolated rural dwelling and one commentator suggested that we are watching a woman in the process of “psychic breakdown”. Certainly, we are led to feel a claustrophobic closeness to Langan’s physical being and to her inner life – the long final take is particularly remarkable – but there may be no breakdown, just being. In her meditative, melancholy stillness Langan is both contained by and incredibly open to her surroundings."

The exhibition runs until September 2nd. Full details here.


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