Saturday, November 19, 2016

SCORPION'S STONE Episodes 1 & 2 @ MA:AP Exhibition

The two episodes of Scorpion's Stone completed so far will receive their first public presentation as part of the MA:AP end of year exhibition opening this Thursday night and running until December 9th.

Scorpion's Stone is a series that I've been working on throughout the year and developing as part of my MA practice and research. Production of further episodes will continue throughout 2017.

The two pieces in the exhibition, Scorpion's Stone: Castaway and Scorpion's Stone: Maurice's Room, combine various legacy film and video formats. Fragmentation is central to these works, which intercut scenes that hint at stories with more abstract passages suggesting discarded footage. Each sequence becomes an ambivalent encounter between the fading meaning it was conceived to convey and newly apparent qualities foregrounded by its reconfiguration. Cinema is treated as an interface between this world and the next. As investigators, including a ghost hunter, try to unravel the secrets of a mysterious and presumably dead recluse called Maurice, famous gangster Dutch Schultz remains trapped in limbo after his murder. And the world's littlest hunter explores the strange planet she has been washed up on...

Starring John McCarthy, Ed Cashman, Sionnach Langan, Lisa Freeman, and Rouzbeh Rashidi as Dutch Schultz.



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