Friday, May 13, 2016

DAMP ACCESS + NINEVEH @ Triskel Project Space, May 19th

Luminous Void:

Maximilian Le Cain's Damp Access with live sound by Mick O'Shea & Paul Hegarty
+ Nineveh, a short film by Émmsen Jafari

8pm, Thursday May 19th
Triskel Project Space, Cork

The third of three screening/performance events that punctuate the Experimental Film Society exhibition Luminous Void at Triskel Project Space will take place this Thursday, May 19th.

Damp Access is a uniquely personal meditation on the landscape of Cork City, or a certain vision of that landscape. For its Irish premiere screening, Mick O'Shea and Paul Hegarty will be performing a special live soundtrack to enhance the alien resonances the film excavates from intimately familiar spaces.

"Lately, I’ve had a recurring vision: to make a video as someone from another planet. I’ve also been thinking that there’s a lot in this cinema that’s ritual, that offers the conditions for a ritual to take place when it starts to occur. A film that is a ritual and which proposes a ritual, like an expanded cinema which is another expanded cinema. One which expands itself through the images towards the spectators. Which establishes a connection between the screen and their brains, a union I like to visualize as an organic cathode ray tube of millions of colours or greenish, vibrant, terrifying but taking me where it wants me to go. Damp Access offers these possibilities."  

- Jorge Núñez, Fuerza Vital

Émmsen Jafari's Nineveh likewise explores an alien landscape but a radically contrasting one: the Iranian desert, against the vivid colours of which displaced figures attempt to make contact.


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