Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jorge Núñez at Phantoscope!

"Of all the pigments in use, 'Mummy Brown'  ('Marrón de Momia') became popular, a pigment formed by bone meal and embalming bitumen obtained, without the least archaeological scruple, from Egyptian mummies..."

Delighted to announce that Jorge Núñez will be in Cork for the next Phantoscope screening, which will be his Marrón de Momia (2012). In a recent article in praise of this unique and inspired filmmaker, I described Marrón de Momia as "one of the finest films of recent years". It might also be the single strangest film ever shown at Triskel Christchurch Cinema, even in the experimental Phantoscope screening strand. And, as I programme Phantoscope, that's really saying a lot! This utterly idiosyncratic re-imagining of the horror film is not to be missed.

 "Núñez harnesses the uncanny quality of home video dead time in all of his longer films, most successfully in Marrón de Momia, an absolute masterpiece of structuring and one of the finest films of recent years... These films feel unguided; we are not sure who is in control of them and this makes them feel extremely alien. Of course, closer scrutiny reveals extremely well thought out structures but their unfolding suggests the private logic of a non-human entity with obscure fascinations. Non-human or too human: an inner sensitivity too specific and fragile to translate itself into accepted modes of communication."  - EFS Publications

Marrón de Momia
Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork
6.15 Saturday September 5th
Screening details:

NB: Jorge Núñez and Sandra Cuesta will be on residency at The Guesthouse in Cork for the first two weeks of September. As well as being artists in their own right, they are the team behind the Pantalla Fantasma film festival and will be presenting two programmes of Pantalla Fantasma films at The Guesthouse. Watch this space for more details!


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