Wednesday, January 28, 2015

nitrate nocturne

My old friend the poet, filmmaker and sometime actor Ed Cashman (veteran of many of earlier films) blew me away this morning by suddenly presenting me with the following. Aside from anything else, I consider it the finest written account in existence of the tormented workings of my filmmaking. Thank you, Ed.

nitrate nocturne

for Maximilian Le Cain

evanescence thickens
branches of crow's feet
lamppost effulgence
on thingly reverberations
sveltness of Homo Rapiens-
quaking plexus
flickers to an eyebeam
kingdoms of necessity
molten quiver
on mortared phrenology
of stone tubers
moulder of noisebloom
clack clacking tar whiff
river-murk squawk -

creaturely blinks of amber
diesel grime breath
footfalls to slow seepage
of nascent lifeworlds -
vulnerable not victim -
careworn speculators
worded flattening
of daybright labour -

magic hour
ignitions duration
an engine thrum
fleet of traces-
stray retriever padding along
oxidising pith
shuffle of a crooked flame
in the cut of longcoat
a bounding someone
jab of index -

hazard is not risking
pathbreaking crevices
gauzy membranes of light
lunar dilation
september chase of leaf
islanded frames
fictive in their becoming grain

playful fidelity to sprocketed love
these spectral
incendiary tongues
dispersive beams
through scratched incandescence
leader to black
of skulled housing -


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