Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pantalla Fantasma Festival: Call for Entries

A message from Jorge Núñez of the very special Pantalla Fantasma Festival:

You can now send your weird movie to participate in PANTALLA FANTASMA 4. You can find the rules, the entry form and the manifest on our web.

Running Time: a minimum of 40 minutes
Viewing formats: Encoded file H264 or Mpeg DVD PAL (on data DVD); or online viewing (wetransfer, dropbox, copy, vimeo, youtube…)
Deadline: 10th of October 2014

Pantalla Fantasma seeks to exhibit those bordering, strange, impossible movies… that explore the subversive on the audiovisual with no fear to continue being audiovisuals on a screen. “If the white lid of the screen could reflect light of its own, it would burst the universe” Luis Buñuel.

We will be expecting your movies!

Manager: Jorge Núñez
With the support of Puerta


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