Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dean Kavanagh on GORGING LIMPET

Dean Kavanagh has written Rattleboned Dog at Mealtime, an extremely insightful personal reflection on the ongoing mutations of the Gorging Limpet, the ongoing performance/installation project by Karen Power and me.

Maximilian Le Cain and Karen Power are not just creators but summoners of the Gorging Limpet and partners in crime culpable for the large scale damage caused by the creature breaking free from its concrete home and into your mind. It is this rather exaggerated image that is so wonderful- the magnification of all things impossible to see with the naked eye. Whether it is the frequencies deployed in the soundscape or the sound of the limpet itself, the attention to detail and the desire to bring these artifacts to the forefront is at the core of the project. A memory is shared and created with these everyday items and spectral impressions and it is one that is simultaneously strong and elusive. There is a feeling roused by the knowledge that something is always there; though it is impossible to hear and we are incapable of seeing, its presence on the planet is as old as we are. However, with study and scientific methods we have made the invisible visible and the inaudible audible, and with Gorging Limpet, as with cinema, we are one step closer to our memories, fantasies and nightmares.

Read the whole piece here.


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