Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le Cain Talk at Glucksman Gallery, Thursday October 4th

I'm going to be giving a lunchtime talk at Cork's Glucksman Gallery this Thursday October 4th at 1pm. This is the first in a series of talks called 'Perspectives' that the Glucksman is hosting to run with its 'Motion Capture' exhibition. Their subject is 'How Films Changed My Life'. Here's their description:

Perspectives is a series of talks exploring one question or idea from the point of view of different artists, critics and curators. This series, accompanying the exhibition Motion Capture: Drawing and the Moving Image, invites speakers to discuss the influence of film on their lives and work.

How Film Changed My Life looks at the role cinema has played in the practices of both visual artists and filmmakers. This free series of lunchtime talks invites you to discover how artists, critics and curators refer to specific moments, techniques, and ideas from cinematic history and the ways in which this informs their own work.


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