Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Help Donal Foreman Make It: OUT OF HERE...

Something exciting is afoot in Irish filmmaking: (An)Other Irish Cinema comrade, frequent Experimental Conversations contributor, old and dear friend, and, not least, excellent filmmaker Donal Foreman is in pre-production on his first feature, Out of Here.

If you aren't familiar with his work, watch his short film Pull:  


Pull is evidence enough that when Donal promises that Out of Here will present Dublin youth culture 'in a light not previously seen or explored', he is not exaggerating. Having had the privilege of reading a draft treatment for this project, I have no doubt that something very special will emerge.

Stalker Films, the producers behind Out of Here, are running a crowd-funding investment scheme to finance the film. With nearly half of the €30,000 budget already raised, donating towards or investing in Out of Here is well worth eviscerating the piggy bank for.

For full details of the film, including details on how to invest in it, see:



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