Sunday, May 15, 2011

Charles Dekeukeleire

Generally, I use this blog as a record of my own activities and only very exceptionally discuss other films on it- otherwise, there'd be no bloody end to it!

But I'd like to briefly remark on my discovery of two experimental films, two comparatively little-known masterpieces from the late '20s, by Belgian filmmaker Charles Dekeukeleire: Impatience (1929) and Histoire de d├ętective (1930). To say that these works have been the cinematic revelation of the year for me will probably prove an understatement. Although they deserve to be as famous as Un Chien Andalou, they're so far ahead of their time and still so formally radical that it's easy to see how they managed to slip into relative obscurity.

For more background, see this article by Kristin Thompson:


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