Thursday, February 10, 2011

(An)Other Irish Cinema Reviewed

The blogger Nuts4R2 has written a generous and thoughtful review of the recent (An)Other Irish Cinema London screening:

Just to reassure him, though, that even if I do resemble "a big, powerhouse of a Bond villain that you wonder where he’s hiding his white pussycat and his mechanical hands with their black iron touch of death", I'm actually closer to the pussycat than the villain in nature. And that chasing people "down a street brandishing a big board with a nail in it" really isn't my style at all!


Blogger Marcos Ortega said...

Are those lego figures for sale? I want to buy a set! :-D

3:59 am  
Blogger NUTS4R2 said...

Hey there! Thanks very much for the link back to my blog site. It's very much appreciated.

Hope you liked the review.

All the best.


10:59 am  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Yes, thank you, NUTS4R2. We all appreciated your review- it really makes a difference to see someone engaging with what we do so thoughtfully and at such length.

We've also listed it in the 'responses' section of the (An)Other Irish Cinema site...

Cheers, Max

12:09 pm  
Blogger NUTS4R2 said...

Wow! Many thanks for this too.

It's really nice to know I get the odd reader on there... not that you're "odd"... don't chase me with pitchforks! ;-)

12:42 pm  

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