Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Reaction!

It's great to get a reaction! And this response to my screening in Dublin last July is certainly that. Given the heat in which this was obviously written, we can forgive the author his several lapses in accuracy in describing what he saw, eg mistaking a donkey for a dog (even a donkey which is in medium close-up, centre frame for over a minute), transposing the whistling that a female performer does in one film onto a male performer in another, etc, etc. But, on the whole, this '11 year old child who just got his first camera and enjoys eating feces while performing experiments on worms' is touched and delighted at such a fulsome response:


Anonymous Vicky Langan said...

I knew that whistling sounded familiar! I laughed all the way through... x

2:18 pm  
Anonymous Eddie cash said...

Ridiculous ad hominem attack. Off the wall. Such a nasty and gratuitous display of ignorance and conceit. May it inspire you!

3:55 pm  
Blogger Kieran said...

Is that Humphrey writing under a pseudonym?

3:33 am  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Glad to see you saw my post.

While it is gratuitous, possibly ignorant and definitely written in the heat of the moment, it is also intended as something humorous. Naturally, I don't expect Mr. LeCain or his fans to find it as such, but I hardly wrote it for those folks...

If it inspires, great. If it angers, great. But given you put your film up on the screen, I hope no one expects everyone to adore it - and I hope my conceited, ignorant 'attack' it seen as a similar piece to the film(s) I didn't enjoy.

5:39 am  
Blogger Maximilian Le Cain said...

Kevin, I genuinely appreciate extreme reactions of any kind. I'm also well aware that my work is not for everyone and you are not the only person to have reacted so negatively.I found what you wrote extremely funny, as did most of the many friends I circulated your text amongst. No personal offence taken!

6:38 am  

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