Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cinematon 2303

Whilst at the Lucca Film Festival last week, I became the 2303rd of Gerard Courant's ongoing series of film portraits, the Cinematons. Gerard embarked on this project in October 1978 (which makes it five weeks older than I am...) The rules of this series remain unchanged: a silent close-up of the subject running the length of an 8mm film cartridge (a little over three minutes...) It is now the longest film in history and has included portraits of, amongst others, such filmmakers as Godard, Paradjanov, Oliveira, Garrel, Straub, Dwoskin, Arrieta, Ossang, Kramer, Pialat, Mekas... and, coming in at 2304, (An)Other Irish Cinema comrade Donal Foreman.

For more information, visit www.gerardcourant.com


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