Sunday, August 15, 2010



a selection of videos curated by Andrea Monti
on display from August 19th through September 7th @ White Box Gallery
organized in collaboration with LUX and Lucca Film Festival 2010
opening reception Aug 19th 7-9pm

Presenting videos made by American and European artists, this program relates to Samuel Beckett's last work Stirrings Still at many levels: aesthetically, structurally, emotionally and metaphorically.

The terms stirring and still, which generally refer to movement and stillness, are combined together, a characteristic inherent in all moving-image art works.
Many of the selected videos center around structure and aesthetics, showing the interaction between moving and still elements, and exploring their reciprocal limits.
Other works involve the repetitions and obsessive self-reflection present in Beckett's writing. While others deal with at some level the sentiment of 'the end', the passing of time and our fate of being alone with our own existence.

The works will be displayed as a 70 minute looped program as part of the exhibition Project Birch Forest - Part II, Stirrings Still Curated by Juan Puntes (and including works by Jonas Mekas and Michael Snow) opening on August 19th and running through September 7th. (Andrea Monti)

Adrift by Elle Burchill
Nightshot 1 by Stephen Dwoskin
Crystal Ghosts by Kelly Fancher
Wolves by Tim Geraghty
First Corruption by Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Sentiment by Max Le Cain
Parthenogenesis by Yasue Maetake
Television by Yoel Meranda
Private Eye/I by Rick Niebe
New Ratio by Simon Payne
21.04.02 by Jean-Gabriel Periot
Susquehannaicefloewobl (Incense and Tea) by Jeremy Slater

(TRT: 70')

for further info contact:

329 Broome Street. New York, NY. 10002
Phone: 212-714-2347


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