Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So what is a 'mongolian barbecue'?

That's a sceret which will be revealed in my new video The Mongolian Barbecue. Revealed, mind, not explained.

The internalisation of vision, the violated eye, the redundant eye, Bataille, Sharits, Svankmajer, Italian horror cinema, my nervous system, Serge Gainsbourg. In fact, solipsism taken so far that it comes out the other end. The "nostalgia for cinema", the "shadow of cinema" goes beyond the televisual to possess even the body.

If you are in Cork on Thursday night, you will have the opportunity of seeing this Mongolian Barbecue in some form at the Crane Lane as part of an event called Boutique Baroque. This is rather elegantly described on the flyer as 'vaudeville rock, risque dance and all manner of gloomy eccentricities'. We'll see what unfolds...


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